We now supports Samsung Gear VR!

January 05, 2015

Hi everyone! This is the first surprise of the new year 2015: VirtualRealPorn now supports Samsung Gear VR! Our videos have been adapted to the requirements for watching them with the “Oculus 360 Video” app on your Gear VR.

There are two options for downloading our videos on your GearVR:

From a PC/Mac computer:

  • Download the video file into the computer (it’s a zip file with the video and a thumbnail image)
  • Remove the battery cover of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Extract the microSD card
  • Connect it to your computer (through the SD card adapter or a card reader)
  • Extract the contents of the zip file into the “Oculus\360Videos” folder of the SD card. We recommend to create a subfolder named “VirtualRealPorn”.For example: D:\Oculus\360Videos\VirtualRealPorn
  • Now, the video is ready for watching with the “Oculus 360 Videos” app from the “Oculus Home” or Library menu.

From the Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

  • Download the video file from the “Internet” app (it’s a zip file with the video and a thumbnail image)
  • When the download is finished, tap on the download in the notification center
  • The app asks you for a folder, tap on “Extract”
  • A new folder is created, named with the name of the video
  • Tap on the new folder to enter it
  • Tap on the upper right icon (three dots) and tap on “Select”
  • Select all the files (one readme, one video and one thumbnail)
  • Tap on the upper right icon (three dots) and tap on “Move”
  • Select SDcard/Oculus/360Videos (we recommend to create a subfolder “VirtualRealPorn” here, using the in the lower part of the screen “Create folder”)
  • Now, the video is ready for watching with the “Oculus 360 Videos” app from the “Oculus Home” menu or Library menu.

Please, give us your feedback and suggestions for improving the experience.


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This is great news! However, the Oculus 360 video app doesn’t allow you to fast forward the video. The only app on Gear VR that lets you control 360 video playback is the Milk VR app.

Would it be possible for you all to set up your Gear VR videos so they can be played in Milk VR?

Here’s more information about the topic:




Hello Tony, yes, we are working on he Milk VR support for our content. We have achieved it within the internal memory of the Note 4, but we continue researching to achieve the playing within the miniSD card. Stay tuned to our blog!


There is one big problem with the Milk VR app: it is not distributed outside the US, and the oculus 360 is. Although I think that Milk VR is a lot better if I look at the .json files, since it can use streaming urls, but for “normal” users the only solutions now is oculus 360, or the VR Player in the android store that cannot be controlled with the gear or gamepad.
The demos are impressive though. From all the demos I have seen, only the content on this site seem to get the point about VR: point of view, you are “part” of it: 1st person, not third person.
Now I would love to see some of the hollywood blockbuster movies with exact this kind of POV in the chasing scenes.


Hello! There are solutions for the Milk VR of the users in the Oculus Forum. Thank you very much for your great feedback!


When you say
“Download the video file from the “Internet” app (it’s a zip file with the video and a thumbnail image)”

Which Internet app are you talking about?


Hello Mark, it’s the default app for internet browsing in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and it’s located in the “Apps” menu.


Which “internet” app? Do you mean from within the Oculus Interface? Or just using the web browser on my phone?


Hello! We mean the standard web browser of the phone.


I downloaded the demos of the videos but i can only hear the sound with a black screen…helpp


Hello Eli, you can solve that problem by downloading the K-Lite codec pack. You have more information here


Hi there how about the s6 as it doesn’t have expandable memory what folder do I. Put the videos into so I can view them thank you I am from UK so don’t have access to Milk vr


Hello James, we had updated the Support page for the Galaxy S6, please, check it and don’t hesistate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Hi there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group?
There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content.
Please let me know. Cheers


Hi, porn!

Sure you can, we always appreciate that you want to share our content. Please, feel free to do it whenever you want!

Thanks a lot and have a great day!


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