Love & Sex – 180º Full sex scene update

May 21, 2014

There’s available our new full sex scene with Alexa & Joel in astonishing 180º 3D Video! Sorry for the delay of this week update, we have been very busy with new film shoots for our beloved site. Enjoy our new fit couple with 180 degrees of freedom to feel the true love & sex, you won’t feel like you were there… You’ll be there!

Enjoy it like never before!!

VirtualRealPorn - Love and Sex - 04

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I like the style this one’s going for, but it was a bit distracting when the dude’s head kept popping up in front of the camera (plus it didn’t feel as tho his body was MY body, as I was too high above it, and could look down and see his face/head). I think it would be more immersive if the camera was actually directly above his head, rather than up behind it.

May 30, 2014 6:52 pm

Thank you very much for your feedback, we will keep it in mind for our future videos!

This is amazing and impressive feat. I am blown away on how immersive it was. However, I am with dave. The only things wrong is when you looked down you would see the dudes head which made it awkward (maybe a way to edit out the face/head?), and secondly the cameras were too high which kind of killed the illusion that it was your body. With that said, what you have done is amazing work and I really believe that this is the way movies and videos (not just porn) should and hopefully will be made.

June 3, 2014 8:41 pm

Thank you very much Azriel, your comments will help us to keep improving, we are glad you enjoy as much as we do.

Excellent scene, She is the hottest actress on the site, I would love to see her in more sex scenes and would love to see her in a female pov sex scene.

We are glad of hearing it, thank you very much for your feedback!

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