New format 4K Plus for new Oculus Go update already uploaded!

September 28, 2018

4K Plus for new Oculus Go update

Since many of you were talking about the new format for Oculus Go in this Reddit thread, we have been recoded some 5K videos in order to check it out and it seems the quality is much better.

So from now on we are going to upload a new format for Oculus Go: [email protected] with bitrate 24Mbps and we have called it: 4K PLUS

Also, we are going to recoded the latest 5K  VR Porn videos and the new ones 5K will be converted to the new format too, so please, stay tuned to the new 4K Plus for all those who have an Oculus Go in their hands.

We have added a new section in the download site for Oculus GO where you will see different formats, let’s see on the next image how it is:

In this new VR Porn release:”Looking for a job“, with amazing Katrina Moreno, we have been update for the very first time this new format 4K Plus for Oculus Go. Check it out!

We would love to know what do you think about the new format and if you think we have to improve it in some way. Let us know your feedback via reddit or with your comment you can leave below.

VRP Team.

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Quality is amazing – thanks VRP 🙂 I’ve started to redownload all videos in 4k Plus. I’ve also noticed that your newest video have better scaling and angles – as some of the older videos you felt too far away/too tall for it to be fully immersive.

October 31, 2018 1:14 pm

Thanks a lot aburton1a! Enjoy them! Soon there will be more updated.


Hi Team,

I am on Oculus Go and using Pigasus as a client and Plex Pass as DLNA Server. Plex is Hardware accelerated.
The scenes for 4k Plus take too long to load and if I forward / skip to a section, it takes 10 seconds or so to run. I am not sure how else I am able to run without the delay. I went back to just using 4k UHD.


Hello kraeger! The native app of Oculus Go works fine with the 4K Plus and a DLNA, you can try with Pigasus and the native player of Oculus Go.


I’d like to see a video from Jessica Jaymes pornstar!


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