FookVR is here!

FookVR is here!

juli 12, 2018

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FookVR is here! A great complement for your VR Porn videos.

When you hear the word “taboo” your mind runs to everything related to sex. Porn, lesbians, feminine orgasms, masculine ejaculations, masturbations, transsexuals, gays, anals, premarital sex. (Yes, even in occidental countries it’s something no one talks about). 

For some reason that even technology can’t explain. There are some situations which embarrass us publicly, but that we can’t help but Google them. Especially when we are bored of watching always the same porn and decide to experience with a VR headset. Initially bought for videogames. But that we only use for our subscription to VirtualRealPorn, VirtualRealTrans, VirtualRealGay or VirtualRealPassion.

And you can’t admit that vox populi, obviously.

FookVR is here!

The irony here is we all share this private side. Technical elements are increasingly developed to work together with already existing technology to provide, yes, you guessed it, a better sexual experience. That’s why, something which consisted of watching a VHS when you were alone at home has turned into an immersive experience synchronized with your Gear VR and a Kiiro dildo you keep locked in a drawer.

As technology moves, more and more products are developed so you aren’t a simple viewer when masturbating. And every hand movement you make while watching a “free vr porn” video is part of a complete interactivity with what you are enjoying. And if you haven’t been living in a cave for the past years. You’ll probably know that we have always bet on that kind of sexual immersion.

FookVR is here!

FookVR is here!

So, what began as an experiment with teledildonics in our wonderful 3D VR porn world, continued with interactive videos and now with Fook VR. A new kind of entertaining which allows you a more active experience.

6x3x4 cm are its measures; don’t be naughty, we are not talking about penis sizes. But the measurements of this level of entertainment which will allow you to use this product on your wrists, dildos or masturbators. Just simply by connecting it via Bluetooth. Once you access your videogame store on your phone. To enjoy the videos later in every VR headset you may have. So let’s, literally, get down to business.

FookVR is here!

Never judge a sexual toy by its cover not to mention its size. Fook VR is much more than an assistant to your cumshots. It’s a new wireless immersive experience that will turn your fantasies into something more than a dream; an intimate connection between what you see and what you feel.

There are many reasons to thank technology. And one of them is that, due to our own desire to enjoy more and better our sexual experiences. We have erased the idea of classify sex and anything related to it as taboo. These developments have made possible: “The user to actively participate in the virtual environments and provides realistic virtual reality experiences.” (Indiegogo about Fook VR)

FookVR is here!

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