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Improving our video quality!

Hi, VR Porn fans! As some of you may know, nowadays we’re replacing our HQ formats, so now you can’t find them on our website. Why? Well, we’ve never done this if there isn’t a good reason for that. Let

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Technical problems

(SOLVED) We’re working on our site!

Updated Hi everyone! We are happy to announce that everything is working FINE again! Our development team has been working hard and now everything is stable again. Please, try again to login and download and let us know through [email protected]

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VR videos with scale and 3D problems corrected!

Hi, VR Porn fans! Our development team is always working to improve the system in order to offer you the most immersive experience. Now the videos that had scale and 3D problems in the past are already corrected. These are

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Streaming VR Porn

Streaming VR Porn great videos!

Streaming VR Porn faster than ever. Your favorite scenes now without cuts! Having sex in real life may take some time. In Virtual Reality, it doesn’t. Why? cause today we have great news for all you guys. Our streaming VR Porn service is

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We’re working on our site!

Hi, VR Porn fans! As you may know, we’re constantly evolving and improving our systems. That’s why these days we’re making some changes to upgrade our website and make it better for you. But, because of that, you may have some trouble downloading the videos and logging in. Our

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VirtualRealPlayer v0.7.11 beta release: Improvements

Hello everyone! We have released a new version of VirtualRealPlayer compatible with Oculus Rift, DK2, HTC Vive and OSVR. We have improved the performance for our newest videos at 60fps. For those having issues with flipped videos we’ve added a

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VirtualRealPlayer, now supporting HTC Vive!

Hi, VR Porn fans! Today, we are really excited to announce that now, VirtualRealPlayer is fully compatible with the new headset on the market, the HTC Vive. Once again, we’ve united passion, innovation and tons of work to be the first ones launching the latest

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working Kiiroo

Big Kiiroo update and VirtualRealPlayer v0.7.8 beta release!

Hello everyone! We have released a new patch version of VirtualRealPlayer along with Kiiroo Onyx compatibility for a lot of videos! Please, download the latest version HERE In this patch, lots of videos are now compatible with Kiiroo. We have also

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Our first 60 fps porn scene with Anna Polina for VR!

Hi, VR Porn fans! Today, we have great news! Day after day, we work in improve our videos to make them more immersive and hot. That’s why we’re excited to take another step forward and release our first VR porn scene

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Enjoy full quality videos on your Gear VR!

We’ve finally added support for maximun quality videos for our VirtualRealPlayer on Gear VR! The app can be updated via SideloadVR or with our manual signing process here. Make space in your phone and download now our highest resolution videos at

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