VR anal sex

VR anal sex with Lexi Dona

April 08, 2019

VR anal sex with Lexi Dona to begin our anal specials.

It’s said it’s an urban legend, but “Time For Her” Hotel at VR Porn does exist. There are lots of reasons why you love your job, but the best thing for sure is that every time you grab your oculusgo you have the chance to cum. All your clients have asked you for the same thing so far: fucking till having multiple orgasms. This time, sensual brunette Lexi Dona will be your client and will ask you for a special service: an anal with a creampie on her hard ass.

Days can sometimes seem repetitive even being a gigolo. But that doesn’t mean you don’t give your clients what they want when they ask you for an adventure in virtual reality sex. That’s why, when this Czech bombshell wants you to impress her with your penis, you know a cowgirl and reverse cowgirl won’t be enough to satisfy her wet vagina.

After all these years doing the same job, you’ve learnt women know exactly what they want. And when Lexi Dona starts giving you a very wet blowjob, you can see she needs an anal with a creampie on her hard ass.

April is the month for anals on VirtualRealPorn. So you’d better be ready for the best two weeks in VR sex.

VR anal sex with hot Lexi Dona only at VirtualRealPorn

VR anal sex


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VR anal sex

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