Manifesto Manifesto


VirtualRealHub fights every day against the vision many people have of the world of porn.

Certain prejudices which, in some cases are sadly true, but in others are not fair at all. We, from our production company, have worked since the very beginning according to a set or principles which guarantee the well-being of our workers and build an industry to be proud of.

Since our beginning as a company, we have always carried out policies of respect towards women, being against and condemning any kind of inequality or injustice. We may be a small company, but all the people working here have a great ethical commitment.

By supporting us and watching our videos, you support a more ethical, respectful and healthy porn industry; improving the conditions of every single person involved in it.

The mutual consent between all parts involved in our productions is complete. We cannot conceive a way to work without this approval.

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