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Support for Windows Mixed Reality

How to stream VR Porn videos with WMR headset

  1. Go to virtualrealporn.com through Microsoft Edge and choose the VR Porn video you want to watch.
  2. If your WMR headset is automatically detected, you can already play and enjoy the video.
  3. To watch interactive VR Porn videos just follow the same previous steps.
  4. In case of any error check the WMR intallation process again.

Requirements to watch download videos

In case you do not have a Steam account, set up your Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR. For more information:

Take a look only at paragraphs:

  1. Get your PC ready.
  2. Set up Windows Mixed Reality for Steam VR.

Download and watch a VR Porn videos with VirtualRealPlayer

  1. Download VirtualRealPlayer 0.7.13 (also compatible with Teledildonic and interactive videos).
  2. Download the WMR version (1600p VP9) files into the ‘Videos’ folder inside the VirtualRealPlayer folder.
  3. Default setting (GeneralConfig vr_mode=OVR)
  4. Run VirtualRealPlayer
  5. In case of vertical malpositioning (height), from SteamVR settings > Developer > Room and tracking > Quick Calibrate (in Small Space / Standing Up).
  6. In case you want to use a Teledildonic follow the previous steps

Another player option (no teledildonics, no interactives)

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