VirtualRealPorn supports Oculus Go!

May 10, 2018

Oculus Go and VR porn: all in one!

Finally is here and VirtualRealPorn is supporting Oculus Go. The entire world has been waiting for this moment and we have now one of the best headset on the market. Oculus Go is creating a new virtual reality porn era where anyone can simply use this new standalone device and enjoy via streaming or download.

Discover the easy way to watch VirtualRealPorn scenes:

You can enjoy easily via streaming:

  1. Grab your Oculus Go.
  2. Use the VR browser
  3. Go to VirtualRealPorn
  4. Choose the video you want
  5. Play and enjoy!

Also, you can download videos

  1. Go to VirtualRealPorn in your PC, download a VR porn video you want.
  2. Transfer via USB the file from your PC to Movies folder of your Oculus Go.
  3. Grab your headset and go to Library > Oculus video > My videos
  4. Play and enjoy!

Could be Oculus Go the VR standardization? Could be the VR global answer? These question will be solved in a short future and we will stay tuned to provide the best VR porn for the entired world!

Remember that VirtualRealPorn is creating the most immersive vr porn experience. More than 300 exclusive VR videos are waiting for you. Go to the biggest VR porn site and live a real experience!

See you in VR


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can oculus go play 5k Movies? no overheating?
my gear vr can and it looks much better than standard oculus/gear format

July 2, 2018 4:42 pm

Hi, we recommend to use the Oculus regular file, but also you can check the 5k movies if you desire.


What about Teledildonics (Lovense etc)? Supported by the Go?

May 25, 2018 9:01 am

Hello, currently there is no support for teledildonics with Oculus Go. It is not compatible.


What quality of video is best to download onto the oculus go?

July 2, 2018 4:43 pm

Hi, you should download the Oculus regular version of the videos.


When the application of RealVirtualPlayer?

July 2, 2018 4:44 pm

Hello, currently there are no plans to support Oculus Go with VirtualRealPlayer for the near future.


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