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Escaping the Friend Zone
Escaping the Friend Zone

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Wrongful dismissal
Wrongful dismissal

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About Alina Lopez

Since you haven't lived under a rock for the last 7 years, you know who it is Alina Lopez. Maybe you ran into her in Chatroulette when she was starting at 18, or maybe it was at 22 when she did her first scene: an interracial. Regardless of when was the exact moment you met this American actress, the truth is that we all know Alina Lopez. For her debut in VirtualRealPorn, we wanted do it in a very VIP way. We call her American porn actress friend, Aaliyah Hadid, to accompany her in a threesome where you had to show your boss, Alina lopez, how much you and Aaliyah want to keep your jobs. How? Living an adventure vr xxx in the office that will end with not one but two squirting! That will surely prove Alina that you both are willing to do everything. Now, can you imagine being in a friendzone situation with someone? Worse yet, being in that situation with Alina Lopez. You would go out of your way to get out of it, right? In Escaping the Friend Zone, you will show her that more than being there for her every time she has a heartbreak, you would like to be the person who makes her feel the most pleasant orgasms. In the end, you will not only manage to make her moan with excitement but also have the most wonderful cum that you will see in your Oculus Quest 2… IN HER MOUTH!
Gender Female
Date of birth 06/09/1995
Country United States
Eyes color Blue-gray
Hair color Blond
Blog / Web
Bust 86
Waist 60
Hips 88
Piercing Yes
Tattoo Yes

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